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One million dollar bill – all you have to know about it

An Ebay user wrote: “fun to watch what people do if you leave one laying around”. The reaction they witnessed is definitely...

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How to spot counterfeit money, tell if money is real and detect fakes?

Real vs fake money – the battle that never seems to end. Ever since the first golden coins started being used on the markets...

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How to send cash via mail safely

If you’re planning to sell your old and foreign money, chances are that you will have to send it via a postal service. We do...

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What to do with old pound notes and coins (10, 5 and 1)?

Recent years have seen some serious changes in the UK monetary system. First of all, in September 2016, the five pound note,...

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5 valuable and rare coins to look out for in 2020

Numismatic enthusiasts are always on the hunt for the next little and round treasure to include in their collection. Today’s...

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Currencies that have gained and lost value due to the pandemic

COVID-19 has modified life on multiple levels, and today we are going to explore one of them regarding the foreign currency...

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4 reasons why exchanging currency online is better

While on this blog we’ve gone over strategies for when to exchange currency in light of a trip and where to exchange it, and...

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Currency Symbols
By Editorial team On July 21, 2020

Currency Symbols

Currently, there are 180 currencies circulating in 197 countries. All of these currencies have an assigned code or symbol that...

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Unsorted coins in Casinos

Casinos are a popular spot and people from all around the globe visit them. One common problem these businesses deal with is...

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