Coronavirus financial crisis: What to do with your money now?

By Editorial team

If you are one of the many travelers trapped in a foreign country due to the global pandemic, people in quarantine, or owners of small businesses, you are most likely already suffering the economic impact of coronavirus. In today’s post, we will tell you what to expect financially and what to do with your money.

What to expect in the short term

Coronavirus threatens the world economy, and it seems like we are just witnessing the beginning of it. Although it may sound apocalyptic, this is what you can expect in the short term:

The travel industry is in a jam

Tourism is the industry that has suffered the most due to the pandemic humanity is currently facing. Around 50 million people involved with the travel industry could be fired since agencies are not able to sell tours nor tickets, restaurants are not opening their doors, airlines are unavailable to operate until the borders open again, archeological sites are closed, local markets are not functioning, etc.

Small businesses are at risk

We can expect many small businesses to shut down in the following months, if they haven’t already done so. They are facing challenging times because both their workers and clients are in quarantine, and people are reducing their expenses. Unfortunately, they still need to pay rent, utilities, taxes, and maintain their households.

Unemployment is increasing

Large companies are struggling against the economic impact of Coronavirus as well. Even though they have a safety net to rely on during emergencies, one of the measures they are taking to protect themselves is to cut staff. The jobless rate in the United States is predicted to increase by 10%-20% rapidly. Some small business are also firing their employees in a desperate effort to soften the blow

What to expect in the long term

You may be wondering what lies ahead. So far, this is what economic experts foresee as the aftermath of Coronavirus.

Global recession

This pandemic restrained the economic growth we were experimenting consistently for a couple of years already. Before the outbreak, most experts were indicating that 2020 was going to be a year of substantial expansion for the economy. Now, they state it will take decades to overcome this alarming situation.

On the upside, the world is already preparing a big comeback. The first thing you, as a citizen of the world, can do to confront the economic impact of Coronavirus is to invest in local businesses. You can start now. Whenever you order food, do it from local restaurants. If you are buying clothes, pick small independent brands.

Job opportunities

Yes, a lot of people are going to lose their jobs, maybe you have already lost yours, but more opportunities will arise. When businesses start recovering, they will start hiring again. The process will be slow since the recession is expected to have lasting effects, but you can be sure new positions will be available in the next months.

What to do with your money during the Coronavirus crisis?

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