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Pesetas to dollars: is old Spanish currency still worth anything?

Now obsolete, Spanish Pesetas have been the currency of Spain for more than 130 years, from 1868 until 2002, when it has been...

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What's the deal with 2 dollar bills?

Dave Grohl, the legendary former Nirvana drummer and the Foo Fighters frontman, loves them and uses them as often as possible....

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Coins worth money from other countries: value and prices with examples

Most of us have a little box with old coins somewhere in our houses. Some of us don’t know where it came from, some kept the...

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Is it illegal to write or draw on dollars or other currencies?

Can you write on money? Is it against the law to write on money? This debate has been on for a long time. You might think that...

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What to do with ripped, torn or damaged money? Can you spend it?

A few people may wonder how money will get ripped or torn, especially a large sum of money. However, there are several ways in...

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One million dollar bill – all you have to know about it

An Ebay user wrote: “fun to watch what people do if you leave one laying around”. The reaction they witnessed is definitely...

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How to spot counterfeit money, tell if money is real and detect fakes?

Real vs fake money – the battle that never seems to end. Ever since the first golden coins started being used on the markets...

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How to send cash via mail safely

If you’re planning to sell your old and foreign money, chances are that you will have to send it via a postal service. We do...

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What to do with old pound notes and coins (10, 5 and 1)?

Recent years have seen some serious changes in the UK monetary system. First of all, in September 2016, the five pound note,...

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